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Share your fasting experience with us.

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Postby heavnbnd24 on Thu Jun 02, 2005 4:19 pm


One of our Sweet Sisters has recently experienced a severe cleansing reaction to water fasting that needs to be shared and considered.

Post-note 4/17/07: This Faster developed jaundice due to the heavy release of toxins into the liver. Although not common, her liver wasn't protected well nor did she realize the necessity of doing so.

Allow me to preface my thoughts with this: I am not a professional health practitioner and will strongly defer all diagnostic and treatment matters to them. What I share is solely based on my own opinion and research and, the opinion of those professionals I highly respect.

During a fast, the body's natural reaction will be to clean out the toxins stored within it. The liver takes the biggest beating! In layman's terms, the liver is designed to "filter" toxins from the body before it reaches our bloodstream. It usually does a pretty good job unless it is damaged or weak. When it is OVERLOADED during a fast, its capability is tested to the extreme.

WATER FASTING is and has always been a wonderful method for cleansing the mind, body and spirit; However, it is the most traumatic on the liver and should not be done if the body is highly toxic to begin with. MOST of our bodies are. Unless you have cleansed and eaten well for a long period of time (50-70%+ fruits/veggies, no refined or processed foods, additives, white sugar/flour) and have not taken, ingested or absorbed medications, drugs, topical toxins, etc. the body is not ready for a water fast. In this case, a juice/veggie fast is preferred. As my nutritional therapist and naturopathic doctor state, "Unless you are nearly toxin free, don't do a water fast!" It can take months to even years of preparation to get to this state. There are many intestinal cleansing programs designed to do just that. A combination of water and juices may be a better option for many folks (especially first time fasters and those in poorer health) than a complete water fast.

LIVER PROTECTION is essential to ensuring a healthy cleansing response. Milk Thistle (300mg) is an excellent supplement for this purpose. There are many on the market but I recommend a product by Health Force Nutritionals called LIVER RESCUE III+. It contains Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root and Artichoke extract. During my cleanse I was taking up to 12 per day as my cleansing reactions were difficult at times and it was important to protect the liver from the OVERLOAD it was carrying. Most days I took 3 per day when I was stable. I successfully completed my 30-day cleanse and will continue to take this supplement as a normal part of my health routine. Anyone on cholesterol lowering medications or indulging in excess alcohol consumption must protect their livers.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you research this subject thoroughly before undertaking a water fast. Our livers need our TLC!

Blessings to us all! :D Judy
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